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Since 1986 In Seattle

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Plant

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Carpet Cleaning Equipment


Carpet Cleaner in Seattle 


Carpet-Cleaning-Service-1Getting your carpet cleaning done can take an enormous amount of both time and money. Not to mention creating a headache for all the friends and family you’ve drug into the situation to help out.

Then comes trying to find a place that rents high quality equipment that won’t break down and leave you with the bill.

Rather than go through all the hassle of trying to do it yourself, call Interior Environmental Services. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry.

We are a local, owner operated company that has not only a vast amount of experience and knowledge to draw from, but also the customer first focus and integrity that you would want to find in a company where the owner is the one putting on the work gloves.

We use cutting edge technology mixed with our experience to turn carpet cleaning into a hassle free experience for all our clients.

• Over 25 Years of Experience

• Local Owner Operated Company

• Customer Service Focus Company

• Top of the Line Carpet Cleaning Equipment

• Personal Attention to Your Needs as the Client


Carpet-Cleaning-Service-7While carpet cleaning seams like all you’d need is a steam cleaner rented from Safeway and a little elbow grease, Interior Environmental Services takes this concept to the next level.

We use a Rotary Jet Extractor called the RX-20. This top of the line tool for carpet cleaning has 5 individual vacuum heads that are paired with steam jets, both rotating in excess of 130 times per minute.

Imagine trying to scrub a carpet that thoroughly, and the imaginary hands in your head will probably fall off.

But it’s important to note, it’s not just equipment that makes carpet cleaning successful. That equipment needs to be used by someone qualified and professional enough to use it correctly. Look no farther than Interior Environmental Services.


Seattle Area Carpet Cleaning Company for 25 Years


With our honesty, knowledge, and professional service, we have been building relationships with life long loyal customers for over 25 years.

With this attitude of attention to our client’s needs and wants, we have introduced a new service specifically for those who have chemical sensitivity and are not able to have standard companies come in and do carpet cleaning for them.

We use special solutions that are custom designed to work with your allergies and still create a great carpet cleaning experience without harsh chemicals.

Don’t waste your time on companies that invest all their money in fancy ads and shiny trucks. Call the local, owner-operated carpet cleaning company that will put in the work to earn you as a customer for life.

Call Interior Environmental Service today!