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Medina Carpet Cleaning


Carpet-Cleaning-SeattleMedina is home to some of the nicest homes in the greater Seattle area. But no home is immune to water.

If routine upkeep and maintenance is not completed in a timely fashion, or sometimes even if it is, water can leak in through the roof, foundation, or even the walls.

If this has happened to you, don’t trust your beautiful Medina home to the neighbor boy’s carpet cleaning business; call Medina’s number one carpet cleaning and water damage restoration company: Interior Environmental Services.

        • Over 25 years of Water Damage Restoration Expertise

        • Locally Owned and Operated in the Medina Area

        • Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning

        • Automotive Water Damage Restoration and Carpet Cleaning as well


Medina Water Restoration & Repair

RX-20-Total-Floor-Care-SystemIn the Medina area, another common problem that we have helped service is when water leaks through a foundation and starts to moisten the carpet from bellow. Often people wont even realize that they have mildew and mold until after their foundation has been leaking for months.

Mold and mildew can be hazardous to your family’s health and should never be taken lightly. Interior Environmental Services has the equipment and expertise to deal with situations like this and should be called in immediately.

Did you know that mold and mildew left over from a water damage restoration project that wasn’t done correctly, will reproduce itself and continue to grow until it is worse than it was before?

This just goes to demonstrate the necessity of doing the job right the first time. After all, isn’t it cheaper to pay a little bit more for a complete job rather than pay a little bit less for a job that you have to pay twice for?

Don’t trust your castle in Medina to some discount workmanship. Call the experts at Interior Environmental Services today and let us earn your business today!