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Tukwila Carpet Cleaning


Carpet-Cleaning-SeattleWith rivers in close proximity to the Tukwila area, you would think that most of the water damage restoration needs would come from flooding. However this usually isn’t the case.

Carpet cleaning and water damage restoration needs usually come from backed up drains and sewers around the Tukwila area. This often will lead to rot, mold, and mildew, which can be very harmful and hazardous to those living or working around it.

Interior Environmental Services has been handling Tukwila’s carpet cleaning and water damage restoration needs for over 25 years now and adds top of the line equipment to our vast experience.

        • Owner Operated Local Tukwila Area Business

        • Over 25 years of Experience and Top of the Line Equipment

        • Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

        • Commercial And Residential Water Damage Restoration

        • Highly Rated Customer Service and Support


When it comes to your health, don’t take risks with a second rate company that wont be sure to get every last mold and mildew spore out of your water damage restoration project. Call Interior Environmental Services where you know you are getting the best service available at reasonable prices.

Tukwila Water Damage Restoration & Repair

RX-20-Total-Floor-Care-SystemDid you know that mold and mildew may become so hazardous that a team has to be equipped with special suits and helmets just to work around the affected area? And often this mold or mildew starts with just a simple water leak or a clogged drain.

If ignored and left too long, the moisture will begin to grow mold and mildew. Sometimes the first sign that your coworkers or family will notice is allergic reactions and sickness.

If you notice anything like this around your Tukwila office or home, call Interior Environmental Services immediately and spend as little time around the area as possible.

Interior Environmental Services will get your Tukwila home or office cleaned, and get you back in shape again quick as a flash.