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Carpet Cleaning Queen Anne Hill



Carpet-Cleaning-SeattleQueen Anne Hill is a beautiful place over looking a gorgeous city; however, no one has ever blamed Queen Anne Hill for being a particularly sunny area. In fact, rain is sometimes synonymous with the area.

With the rain comes mold and other such moisture caused problems. But don’t fret; Interior Environmental Services has been helping to take care of water damage restoration and carpet cleaning for the Queen Anne Hill area for over 25 years now.    

        • Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning

        • Top of the Line Water Damage Restoration

        • Locally Owned and Operated Queen Anne Hill Area Company

        • Over 25 Years of Experience

        • Highly Rated Customer Service

Queen Anne Hill Water Damage Restoration & Repair


RX-20-Total-Floor-Care-SystemOnce water has gotten into your home, it doesn’t matter if it was because of a flood, or just a rain leak in your foundation or roof; it must be taken care of immediately, or mold can grow and create a far worse problem than before.

No mater what stage your water damage restoration project is in, make Interior Environmental Services your first call. We’ll bring out our top of the line equipment, our experience, and our superior customer service, and get your water damage restoration done as quickly as possible.

So whatever market your are in, whether it be carpet cleaning, or any other stage or water damage restoration, make sure to talk with us at Interior Environmental Services.

Queen Anne Hill may have more rain and water than many places, but it doesn’t mean that having allergy-causing mold in your home is acceptable. Don’t put your homes structural integrity at risk, not to mention putting your family’s health at risk.

Call Interior Environmental Services today and let us show you how carpet cleaning and water damage restoration were intended to be done.