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Wallingford Carpet Cleaning


Carpet-Cleaning-SeattleHave you ever had a roof leak in your Wallingford home, cleaned it up immediately, but later found a foul smell coming from the area? This is probably due to the fact that most homeowners carpet cleaning equipment is just not strong enough to clean as deep as is needed.

If you have noticed anything like this around Wallingford, you need to make your next call to Interior Environmental Services.

At Interior Environmental Services we have top of the line equipment that is able to conduct carpet cleaning all the way down to the deepest level.

With over 25 years of experience with water damage restoration, Interior Environmental Services not only has the equipment to do the job right, we have the experience as well.

We offer all our premium services to the Wallingford area including our deep carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, and even water damage restoration and carpet cleaning for cars.

        • Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning

        • 25 Years in the Water Damage Restoration Industry

        • Auto Carpet Cleaning and Water Damager Restoration

        • Wallingford Area Local Company

 Wallingford Water Damage Restoration

RX-20-Total-Floor-Care-SystemSometimes cars around Wallingford, due to a leaking sunroof or seams on doors that don’t quite close all the way, can start to grow mold underneath the carpet and seats. These mold spores can be extremely bad for your health.

Sometimes causing sickness or major allergy flare-ups. Call Interior Environmental Services today and let us show you how a professional water damage restoration company can remove the mold that a car detail shop never could. 

If you live around the Wallingford area and are looking for the best in carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, auto carpet cleaning, or auto water damage restoration, don’t waste your time with other cut rate shops.

Call Interior Environmental Services today and get the best possible service!