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Water Damage Restoration in Seattle


Carpet-Cleaning-Service-12Water damage restoration can includes things as simple as water damage from a broken pipe, or it could be something as difficult to deal with as a broken sewer line.

No matter what your water damage is from, Interior Environmental Services water damage restoration division is your answer.

We provide professional water damage repair solutions for all grades of intrusions into your home or business place.

Often with a major gray or black water intrusion, which can include hazardous contaminants or even sewage, after we have completed the water damage restoration, we will need to bring in equipment to complete the process and sanitize the area.

This is where our top of the line equipment comes in to play. We not only have the top of line equipment for water damage repair, but we also have top of the line sanitation gear that allows us to truly complete the process the way it needs to be done.


Seattle Water Damage Repair • Seattle Flood Damage Repair


While many of our competitors skip this process due to the price of equipment, or do a half-hearted job with equipment that they have rented, at Interior Environmental Services, we take pride in truly going the extra mile and getting the job done right!

Carpet-Cleaning-Service-2Flood damage repair is another area of expertise for Interior Environmental Services. Flood damage could be from a recent rainstorm, a river over flowing its banks, or even a damaged city storm drain.

• Seattle Water Damage
• Flood Restoration
• Smoke Restoration
• Hardwood Floor Drying Services
• Tile Floor Water Removal
• Water Extraction & Dehumidifying     
•  Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Regardless of the cause, Interior Environmental Services has the tools and experience to get you repaired and back to work. Even with jobs on a large scale such as an entire commercial building, or an entire home that has been effected by flood damage, Interior Environmental Services answers the call.

With over 25 years of experience dealing with flood damage in both residential and commercial applications, we should be your first call regardless as to the size of your project and the extent of the flood damage.

Interior Environmental Services is known all over the Seattle area as a company that not only professionally completes water damage restoration on time and with the latest technology in cleaning and restoring equipment, but as a company that pays attention to detail and the needs of the clients.

Call Interior Environmental Services for all your water damage restoration or flood damage repair needs, and let us go to work for you.